Energy Saving Tips

Tips for saving energy on air conditioning use:

1.-Place the air conditioning equipment (both indoor and outdoor units) so that they do not get too much sunlight and there is good air circulation.

2.- Turn the air conditioner off when no one is home or in the room that is being heated, or use energy-saving mechanisms that new technologies offer when there is no one in the rooms.

3.- Properly regulate the temperature of the room, keeping it between 22 ° and 25 ° C. With increasing humidity it will be necessary to reduce the temperature in order to maintain the same apparent temperature. The recommended temperature in summer is 25 º C. A difference with the outside temperature of over 12 º C is not healthy and every degree the temperature decreases, will be consuming an 8% more of energy.

4.- When you turn the air conditioner on, do not set the thermostat at a temperature lower than desired: it will not cool faster and it is a waste of power consumption.

5 .- Use good insulation in your home to prevent energy losses. A well-insulated and thermally fit housing ensures lower energy consumption throughout the year. Installing canopies and closing blinds and curtains are effective methods to reduce the heating of our house because they prevent direct radiation from the sun.

6.- Ventilate the house in the cooler hours (early morning and at night) to prevent excessive heating in the middle of the day, where the highest temperatures are recorded. While the unit is operating, avoid opening doors and windows.

7.- 10 minutes are enough to ventilate a room at normal conditions.

8.- The equipment maintenance and cleaning are essential for optimum performance. Dirty air filters affect the performance and consume energy. Clean them once every two weeks or, at least once a month.

9.-Install a thermostat if your air conditioning does not have it incorporated or if it does not provide accurate information on the temperature. Keep the thermostat away from heat sources such as light bulbs, solar radiation, and so on.

10.- As far as relative humidity is concerned, the values ​​must be between 40% and 60%. Following these ten basic tips and using equipments that incorporate the best technology, you achieve a limited environmental impact and save on your bill every month.

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